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Tissue salt therapy in midwifery and baby care

Tissue salt (or cell salt as it is nowadays more often referred to) therapy is often the easiest complementary therapy to understand and use, according to Sensitive Midwifery founder Sister Lilian, who strongly advocates the use of these remedies in pregnancy and with babies. There is an easy-to-remember range of twelve very versatile remedies for a wide range of conditions ...Read more

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Helping mothers face birth fears

Most moms are anxious, even scared, to give birth. Midwives need to understand some important fear factors, if they are to truly help women face their fears. Although birth anxiety is often dismissed as nothing more than fear of the unknown, it will have a direct physiological effect on the woman; evidence suggests that fear may delay the onset of ...Read more

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Weighty matters

Most would agree that good nutrition is a core requirement for good health and well-being, and an ideal weight profile. There are a number of nutritional guidelines that can make a positive difference in everyone’s lives, whether overweight or not. As health professionals, midwives themselves should ideally portray a positive example, and they should be very sensitive to passing on ...Read more

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