//Expressing breast milk made easier

Expressing breast milk made easier

Suckling directly at the breast is always best but expressing makes it possible for anyone to continue breastfeeding in circumstances that would otherwise make it difficult.

Expressing is a daunting task for many mothers and so the choice may be made to change to formula milk instead. Sensitive Midwifery shows you how to help prolong breastfeeding with these innovative tips.

Many moms need to express breast milk for a sick or premature baby that cannot feed directly from the breast, for the occasional feed when they cannot be with baby or when they go back to work. Expressing breast milk by hand is not easy for many, yet is no reflection on how well she produces milk. Selection of the correct type of pump will mostly improve matters. Breast pumps can be purchased or hired, always with safety and hygiene uppermind, of course. There are electric and manual pumps, and the latest designs make expressing much easier, with pump action more closely simulating baby’s suckling at the breast.

ABC of expressing

Advise Moms to:

  • Keep up her liquid intake and healthy nutrition
  • Wash her hands and wipe down her breast before expressing
  • Choose restful times to express milk as the flow will be better
  • Express as often as possible for best results
  • Feed Baby as often as possible when at home to keep up her milk production
  • Expressing hints for moms

To make expressing easier, Moms should:

  • First warm her breasts with cloths dipped in hot water
  • Express colostrum into a teaspoon or draw it up by syringe, as the amount is minimal, though of utmost significance to Baby
  • Allow Baby to start a let down reflex before continuing with pump expressing for best flow
  • Stimulate milk flow by hand with gentle compression on the areola to ease expressing if Baby cannot ever feed directly
  • Moisten the areola area with a little water or breast milk, as well as the inside of the pump cup to facilitate suction
  • Place a sterile container under the second breast to catch any dripping milk

Pump matters

  • For prolonged expressing, hand or electric pumps work better
  • Pumps should not be obtained second hand or shared
  • Warm the cup of the pump to promote milk flow
  • Rotate the pump at various angles to the breast while expressing to facilitate complete drainage
  • Move hand or breast pump around the breast to facilitate ‘milking’ of whole breast
  • Ensure that the funnel is moistened on the inside to ensure better suctioning
  • Build up suction power of a pump gradually to not hurt breast tissue
  • All parts of the pump must be washed and sterilized after use
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