There is vast evidence to support the need for more midwife specialists in South Africa and the world. In 1988, well-known midwife Sister Lilian started an independent midwifery practice in Pretoria – it soon grew into the Sister Lilian Centre (now a PTY LTD company) as the practice became known for its integrity and ‘with nature, knowledge and experience’ approach. ...Read more

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Repairing C-section and premature birth harm

Notwithstanding the fact that facing up to the many adaptation dilemmas for babies (and their mothers) in the aftermath of C-section and prematurity is important – hence this blog - prevention of both remains the most important strategy for minimising or eradicating the harm left in the wake of these two sub-optimal beginnings to extra-uterine life. Key dilemmas after C-section ...Read more

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Tissue salt therapy in midwifery and baby care

Tissue salt (or cell salt as it is nowadays more often referred to) therapy is often the easiest complementary therapy to understand and use, according to Sensitive Midwifery founder Sister Lilian, who strongly advocates the use of these remedies in pregnancy and with babies. There is an easy-to-remember range of twelve very versatile remedies for a wide range of conditions ...Read more

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Helping mothers face birth fears

Most moms are anxious, even scared, to give birth. Midwives need to understand some important fear factors, if they are to truly help women face their fears. Although birth anxiety is often dismissed as nothing more than fear of the unknown, it will have a direct physiological effect on the woman; evidence suggests that fear may delay the onset of ...Read more

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How to measure blood pressure more accurately

Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy are a leading cause of maternal death. Do midwives really know how to measure blood pressure (BP) accurately, is the question! Sensitive Midwifery Magazine published Prof Justus Hofmeyr’s guidelines, and reprint them here for all midwives to use. …Read more

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Weighty matters

Most would agree that good nutrition is a core requirement for good health and well-being, and an ideal weight profile. There are a number of nutritional guidelines that can make a positive difference in everyone’s lives, whether overweight or not. As health professionals, midwives themselves should ideally portray a positive example, and they should be very sensitive to passing on ...Read more

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How to be a breastfeeding ambassador

All new mothers need is encouragement and a feeling that you, their midwife, believes in their ability to nurse, and in breastfeeding itself. Why not absorb these snippets of information, so that you too can be a great breastfeeding ambassador? Colostrum is low in fat; high in carbohydrates, protein, and antibodies It’s the perfect welcome meal for a newborn to have ...Read more

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Circadian solutions to mind and body burn out

If you’re quite simply not coping with the demands of your life, you may need to re-tune your body clock. Stress is an emotional response to a trigger. There are many kinds of stress, some even essential to life and the workings of our bodies and minds. When stress accumulates and compounds into a negative cycle of anxiety, tension, insomnia ...Read more

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The importance of a woman befriending her hormones

A woman’s hormones are intimately connected to her emotional and physical well-being. Here are a few thoughts on how to live easily alongside these often maligned natural chemicals. Hormones are chemical substances produced in organs and glands of the human body. They are conveyed to other body parts via the bloodstream and tissue fluids, so causing a wide range of ...Read more

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Flying Solo – Starting Your Own Midwifery Practive

The exciting journey of establishing an own nursing or midwifery practice requires lots of homework followed by lots of hard work to prevent the dream becoming a nightmare. Be warned, private practice is not a quick and easy way to become rich! There are numerous successful nursing and midwifery practices in South Africa. The recipe? Good planning before take-off, followed ...Read more

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