Why test weighing is wrong

Most women, regardless of age or body type, dread the bathroom scales. What will it reveal? Somehow, we’ve given the scales the power to define us. My question is why we’re allowing the same thing to be done to newborn babies? Why have we given test weighing the power to decide whether or not new moms are a success or ...Read more

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The health of the placenta is wrongly used to intervene in normal pregnancy

The placenta plays a significant role in keeping Baby alive during pregnancy; supplying blood, nutrients, and oxygen, and continuing to benefit babies after birth. But if the placenta had its own movie, it would be about a falsely accused woman who gets sent to prison for a crime she didn’t commit. Pinning it on the placenta When it comes to ...Read more

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Topping up breastfeeds – the uncomfortable truth

Are we midwives or petrol attendants? So you’re going on a long journey and you’ve got half a tank of petrol. You’d feel better if it was full, so you pull into a petrol station and ask them to ‘top-up’ for you. That makes sense, but should we be doing the same thing with the newborns in our care – ...Read more

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Do midwives tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Childbirth used to be shrouded in secrecy. Now is the information age: monitors, men, many ‘support’ people – and video cameras – are welcomed into the delivery room, and anyone can watch a live birth on the internet. Then why is the truth about natural labour and birth still so elusive? Let’s face it: it’s rare for a mom to ...Read more

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3 Easy ways to be a midwifery hero!

All over South Africa, the rest of the continent and the world, there are women who are terrified of labour and are overwhelmed at the prospect of giving birth. They are bombarded by birth horror stories from other women, while doctors and nurses (and even some midwives) stand back and let them believe these exaggerations. These women are scared and ...Read more

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