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MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS OF THE SM-IMN WHAT IS THE SM-IMN? It’s an umbrella network of Independent Midwives in Southern Africa, hosted by Sensitive Midwifery, which is the professional midwifery division of the well-known Sister Lilian Centre. It is exclusively open to independent midwives who are actively ...Read more

Weighty matters

Most would agree that good nutrition is a core requirement for good health and well-being, and an ideal weight profile. There are a number of nutritional guidelines that can make a positive difference in everyone’s lives, whether overweight or not. As health professionals, midwives themselves ...Read more

The ethical benefits of breastfeeding

There are not many things in this world that you can confidently say come with a credible guarantee of ‘no harm to baby’. Mother’s milk is a notable exception. We’ve compiled a list of some of breastfeeding’s top benefits, so that midwives can easily pass ...Read more

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