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What midwives and nurses need to know about baby skincare

A newborn’s lipid barrier is essential to the skin’s surface ecosystem, and should not be removed when cleaning Baby. Current guidelines for neonatal skincare make it clear that midwives and nurses, who are often those who give mothers advice on this topic, should be sharing ...Read more

Expressing breast milk made easier

Suckling directly at the breast is always best but expressing makes it possible for anyone to continue breastfeeding in circumstances that would otherwise make it difficult. Expressing is a daunting task for many mothers and so the choice may be made to change to formula ...Read more

3 Things midwives and obstetricians should know about C-section

1. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that the maximum C-section rate should be 10–15%, regardless of a country’s economic or health profile. This has been a number of obstetric societies’ policy guideline for many years; yet some countries blatantly ignore it, despite publicly lauding ...Read more

Choose your breastfeeding language carefully

Midwives and other maternity professionals have incredible influence over a new mother’s breastfeeding experience. In this blog, I look at a few things we should never say or do! Never say: ‘You have too little or too weak milk.’ This is virtually non-existent but a ...Read more

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