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Sensitive Midwifery Academy

Sensitive Midwifery Academy is the home of professional midwifery and maternity nursing education. The Academy aims to put the heart back in the midwifery and maternity nursing professions, while helping to keep your skills and expertise updated.

Sensitive Midwifery Academy: Our service commitment

Our training services offer:

  • An excellent reputation and proven ‘Sister Lilian’ and ‘Sensitive Midwifery’ brand value
  • The ability to deliver on commitments, deadlines and excellent content
  • The ability to inspire maternity professionals to offer better service delivery
  • A broad range of superior educational opportunities at favourable prices
  • A desire to make a difference to the learning experience and on-going education of maternity staff
  • Expertise in conventional and complementary health, which will enable midwives and maternity staff to understand, educate and offer the best all-round service to families, making your practice the one of choice, or your facility a favourite maternity destination

Sensitive Midwifery Academy is in the process of registering as a training institution and CPD provider. In the meantime, the Academy has an internal evaluation system for earning on-going Sensitive Midwifery learning points (SMPs), which we keep track of and record. For instance, you will earn:

  • Seven SMPs for each full day of Sensitive Midwifery Symposium you attend
  • Six SMPs for each full day of Sensitive Midwifery Workshops you attend (day 2 of the Symposium)
  • Five SMPs for each full day of an institution-arranged Sensitive Midwifery Seminar you attend, if you pass the evaluation test
  • Three SMPs for each Sensitive Midwifery Online Workshop you complete, including the successful completion of a multiple-choice evaluation test, with a pass mark of 80%
  • One SMP for each successfully completed Sensitive Midwifery Online Multiple-Choice Test, with a pass mark of 80%