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Sensitive Midwifery Premium Seminar

This is an advanced programme for fully-trained diploma or degree nurse-midwives in antenatal, labour ward and postnatal units. Sensitive Midwifery Premium Seminars:

  • Refresh important expertise for hospital situations
  • Broaden knowledge of key maternal and infant conditions and complications
  • Enable superior maternity care skills
  • Teach the application of special midwifery and psychological skills
  • Introduce understanding of complementary therapies

Included: Course material and an evaluation test that will be marked and returned to your institution’s training department.

Expected outcomes for professional nurse-midwives who attend this seminar include:

  1. Greater enthusiasm and enjoyment when carrying out daily tasks
  2. Refreshed and updated expertise
  3. Acknowledgement of superlative service by colleagues and those in their care
  4. An understanding of the far-reaching implications of all actions and omissions
  5. Greater confidence in performing professional tasks
  6. Reduced maternal and infant complication rates

Sensitive Midwifery Premium Seminar – content and structure

This full day Sensitive Midwifery Premium Seminar programme begins with registration, an introduction and an oral evaluation of the level of knowledge of participants. It includes a post-seminar test to be completed within ten days. Eight modules cover the following topics:

Module 1: Earlybird interventions

  • Top techniques for optimising the impact of four key pregnancy contact points, including:
  • Queries from expectant mothers who will be delivering at your facility
  • Antenatal classes
  • Antenatal tours of the maternity facility
  • Patients of resident obstetric practices

Module 2: Maternity nursing ethics

A short, motivational module to help ensure ethics are interpreted positively and applied in the intended spirit. The aspects covered include:

  • Defining and understanding ethics
  • Application of maternity nursing ethics
  • The concept of informed consent
  • Dealing with ethical dilemmas

Module 3: Pregnancy perspectives and hospital admission

A short module to refresh knowledge of pregnancy physiology and pathophysiology, as well as helping nursing professionals improve the physical and emotional experiences of mothers and babies, while covering key observations, evaluations, care models and research substantiation.

Module 4: Improving the ‘normal’ intrapartum experience

  • A vital module for expertise updates and the acquisition of new skills; the key areas covered are:
  • Terminology revision
  • Management of birth anxiety
  • Improving assessment strategy on admission
  • The role of sustenance in labour
  • The vital role of nurses in better birth outcomes
  • Midwife = ‘with women’ = good labour experience
  • Integrating recordkeeping into daily care
  • Positive partograph application and interpretation
  • Electronic labour monitoring and interpretation
  • Research substantiation

Module 5: Labour progress and uterine action disorders

This module empowers nursing professionals to recognise normal from abnormal, to take innovative, appropriate rectifying action and to accurately assess the need for intervention. It includes the following topics:

  • Labour’s hormonal landscape
  • Mobilisation techniques in labour
  • Midwifery induction and progress skills
  • Research substantiation

Module 6: The first neonatal hour

This module helps nursing professionals ensure the best outcomes for mothers, babies and fathers, and empowers them in these specific areas:

  • Encouraging a more physiological third stage
  • Initialising breastfeeding
  • Harnessing mother and infant physiology
  • Effectively assessing Mom and Baby
  • Research substantiation

Module 7: Ensuring a positive caesarean section

This module will help nurses to support mothers and babies pre- and post-op, physically and psychologically.

Module 8: Launchpad for life

This module will help postnatal nursing professionals understand the far-reaching implication of all actions and interventions, and address the following topics specifically:

  • Effective mother and infant observation
  • Using rooming-in positively
  • Postnatal breastfeeding success
  • Physiological jaundice management tips
  • New mothers’ greatest concerns
  • Infant digestion and elimination

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