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Sensitive Midwifery Magazine

Sensitive Midwifery Magazine is a FREE online and print publication that was launched in May 2008. It is widely acclaimed in the global midwifery world, especially South Africa.

Sensitive Midwifery Magazine:

  • Has tried and trusted brand value in South Africa and further afield
  • Is produced by a team with a passion for midwifery and magazine publication
  • Is dedicated to improving pregnancy, birth and babycare
  • Has an aesthetically pleasing design, for an enjoyable format of information delivery
  • Is often used as a referral and training tool
  • Features evidence-based information, while wholeheartedly supporting innate physiology, common sense, intuition and sensitive mother and infant care
  • Publishes contributions from prominent writers and experts in the maternity field for consistently superior editorial

This publication is intended for midwives, other interested perinatal professionals and allied maternal and child health carers. All content is compiled with private and state hospital midwives, independent midwives, perinatal nurses (antenatal and postnatal), neonatal ICU nurses, well baby clinic nurses, childbirth educators and antenatal teachers, midwifery lecturers and students, paediatric nurses, doulas, lactation consultants and allied health professionals in mind.

In January of each year Sensitive Midwifery Magazine sends out a package containing educational material for use in Pregnancy Awareness Week in February, as well as the latest Sensitive Midwifery Symposium brochure. This is followed by two in-a-nutshell eSensitive Midwifery Magazine issues (one each in March and July), and one bumper annual print issue in October each year. Subscribers will be notified of each online issue’s release via email, and you can read it on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – not only is eSensitive Midwifery Magazine FREE to registered Sensitive Midwifery website members, it is totally mobi-friendly. Sensitive Midwifery Magazine Annual Print issue is also FREE TO SOUTH AFRICAN SUBSCRIBERS, and includes exciting inserts like topic-specific guides, posters and other educational material. Sensitive Midwifery Magazine Magazine Annual Print issue can be sent to other countries if postage is paid by the subscriber; alternatively, the main body of this bumper annual issue can also be read online.

Articles in Sensitive Midwifery Magazine will be a dose of what you need and want, when you need and want it, to keep you inspired, supported, motivated, and in touch with the world of sensitive midwifery.

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