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Advertise in Sensitive Midwifery Magazine

Sensitive Midwifery Magazine is a FREE quarterly online and print publication that was launched in May 2008. It is now widely acclaimed as a professional publication that provides industry with an innovative vehicle in which to promote products and services to a key niche market of pregnancy and parenting professionals.

Sensitive Midwifery Magazine is supported entirely by advertising, and cross subsidised by the Sister Lilian Centre’s work. We value every bit of support and believe we offer exciting and innovative rewards for the companies involved with us. Our brands Sensitive Midwifery and Sister Lilian are highly regarded throughout South Africa and further afield.

What sets us apart is:

  • Our excellent customer service
  • Sensitive Midwifery Magazine is used as a long-term referral and training tool, so the exposure and ROI for advertisers is excellent
  • The unique added-value we offer, like innovative social media competition-campaigns
  • Very competitive pricing on multiple bookings
  • Association with a venture that contributes to uplifting society and significantly improving maternal and child health and well-being
  • The enjoyable and aesthetically-pleasing format of information delivery
  • The inclusion of various informational inserts in each print issue, like posters for patient/client education, interesting charts and topic-specific guides
  • Our passion for our field of expertise, and our integrity and credibility
  • The in-depth understanding we have of the professional and parenting markets
  • The dedication of each and every one of our team members

Important demographics

Sensitive Midwifery Magazine:

  • Is a quarterly print and online niche magazine for health professionals only
  • Has a print run of 3000 and an unlimited online readership.
  • Has an important readership comprising 10,000+ private and state hospital midwives, with a scope of influence of approximately 300,000 mothers and pregnant women quarterly. Readers include independent midwives, perinatal nursing professionals (antenatal and postnatal), neonatal ICU nurses, well baby clinic nurses, childbirth educators and antenatal teachers, midwifery lecturers and students, paediatric nurses, doulas, lactation consultants, some doctors and allied health professionals (2014 Sensitive Midwifery Symposium survey)
  • Is free to subscribed readers, hospitals, clinics, birth units and training institutions in South Africa and further afield (apart from out-of-country postal costs)
  • Has a private, state sector distribution split of 70 : 30
  • Sources prominent writers and experts in the maternity field for consistently superior editorial
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