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Symposium Speakers

Port Elizabeth 6 September 2018

Lilian Paramor – Port Elizabeth 6 September 2018

Whose rights matter most: Mother or Baby?

Repairing C-section and premature birth harm

Ensuring midwifery recognition, well-being and leadership

Also known as Sister Lilian, she is a nurse, midwife, reflexologist and natural health practitioner and South Africa’s leading midwifery, pregnancy and parenting advisor. Lilian is a best-selling author of numerous pregnancy, birth and parenting books, well-known media consultant and started the Sister Lilian Centre in 1988, dedicated to improving pregnancy, birth and parenting. Her career has focused on a constant search for more natural, simple solutions to any problems encountered in these fields, as she implicitly believes that simple steps yield profoundly empowering and long-lasting effects. Sensitive Midwifery Symposium, Sensitive Midwifery Magazine and Sensitive Midwifery Academy were all founded under Lilian’s direction. She has also been keynote speaker at national and international conferences and has contributed to Juta’s renowned Sellers Midwifery.

Nobulumko Nondi Gaba – Port Elizabeth 6 September 2018

Ensuring midwifery recognition, well-being and leadership

Nondi is a professional nurse and a midwife qualified in Advanced Midwifery and Neonatal Nursing Science. She is currently working for the Eastern Cape Department of Health as the Manager within the Maternal, Newborn, Child and Women’s Health (MNCWH) and Integrated Nutrition Programme (INP) program, responsible for the Maternal, Neonatal, Reproductive, and Adolescent and Youth programs. Nondi is responsible for program policy formulation and dissemination  within the province. Midwifery is her passion, and she worked in various hospitals and clinics before moving to her current position.

Nomthandazo Magingxa – Port Elizabeth 6 September 2018

Making a difference with BANC Plus

Nomthandazo (commonly known as Thandi) is a Midwife specialist who has a great passion for improving the quality of care provided for mothers and newborns. She holds a B.Cur from the University of Fort Hare, a postgraduate Diploma in Public Health, an Advanced University Diploma in Health Services Management and Health Sciences Education (both from UNISA), and a Diploma in Advanced Midwifery from Nico Malan Nursing College. Thandi is currently working as an Advanced Midwife as a member of the District Clinical Specialist Team in Sarah Baartman Health District, Eastern Cape. As                                             a member of this team one of her major roles is to improve health outcomes in maternal, neonatal, women and child health.

Margreet Wibbelink – Port Elizabeth 6 September 2018

Birth breathing and the art of silence 

Collaborative maternity care – the only way forward

Margreet is a passionate South African born, Belgian-trained midwife who co-founded and directs the Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic in Jeffreys Bay, a non-profit organisation committed to delivering professional private care to the most vulnerable and underprivileged women of the community. She also works as private midwife and is known as ‘The Surfing Midwife’.  Currently, Margreet is a PhD candidate at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University where she also assists as a student mentor for advanced midwife students.

Professor Mfundo Mabenge – Port Elizabeth 6 September 2018

Gestational diabetes in perspective

Professor Mabenge is currently the Chief specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Dora Nginza Hospital where he is involved with training of specialists in Obstetrics as well as Advanced Midwives. He is also Associate Professor since January 2016 at Walter Sisulu University. This highly qualified gynaecologist and obstetrician also has a BSC degree, a diploma in practical labour law, and a Master of Arts in Health and Welfare Management. Prof Mabenge completed his training as a Gynae-Oncologist with the Oncology department of the University of Pretoria in 2016.

Jane Maasdorp – Port Elizabeth 6 September 2018

Exclusive breastfeeding: from observations and anecdotes to modern science, and the travesty of mixed feeding

Jane is a La Leche League Leader of 25 years, but also holds a BA (Hons) in Social Anthropology. She is a guest lecturer on breastfeeding in the paediatric department at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, and has also been a guest lecturer in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Jane has presented training sessions in Lactation Management for UNICEF, TOT and Breastfeeding Counselling Courses.  All of us at Sensitive Midwifery simply love Jane’s thoughtful, rational yet passionate approach to breastfeeding.

Colleen Pedersen – Port Elizabeth 6 September 2018

Birth breathing and the art of silence

When Colleen trained as a midwife many years ago she was absolutely enthralled by the miracle, the power and the beauty of birth. On a personal level, giving birth to her own four children was a most inspiring experience for her as a woman. It felt as if she was doing what she was born to do. she had such a sense of achievement and looks back on these births as real  highlights in her life. This brought about a strong desire in her to see other women experience birth in this way. As a midwife she has had the opportunity to share birth experiences with many couples, and always counts it a great privilege to be a part of this most sacred and intimate event in their lives. In 2013 Colleen decided to train as a doula with WOMBS. She so appreciated what she learnt in how to support a couple emotionally and practically through their birth experience, that this has led her to train doulas in Port Elizabeth.

Sarah Mlambo – Port Elizabeth 6 September 2018

Midwives views on delivery method decision making in private sector Namibia

Sarah Mlambo has various health related qualifications from Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa. She also has vast experience in multi-context and multi-cultural nursing care. Her passion lies in midwifery as she is also a mother of four children. She is currently a lecturer for Midwifery at Welwitchia Health Training Centre, Namibia. She is also pursuing a PhD in Nursing Science where she is exploring the multiple agents involved in the care of women and the decision making for mode of birth, with the view of advocating for the voice of the women and the midwife and their independent and interdependent roles.