When A Midwife Becomes A Mother, A Birthing Narrative

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I have been talking with Sanele Lukhele, a young midwife leader with an impressive resume. I got to know Sanele at last year’s SOMSA congress, where she presented her academic study. Sanele is a passionate midwife who always advocates for midwifery-led care for all low-risk women, especially those in the private sector. She has made it her mission to educate those within her reach about midwifery-led care and she had the privilege of birthing her own baby girl with a midwife this year.

I spent some time talking to this amazing midwife about her own birthing experience as a midwife, and with a midwife. Listen to this lovely, positive podcast.

The document we referred to in this Episode: WHO (World Health Organization). 2018. WHO recommendations: Intrapartum care for a positive childbirth experience.

The Certified Sensitive Midwife Course we referred to in this Episode can be found here.

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