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Johannesburg 2019
“Maternity Care – The Midwife Way”

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Recordings of the 2019 Sensitive Midwifery Symposium, held in Johannesburg, SA. Midwives and birth workers gathered around the theme: Maternity Care – The Midwife Way.

Sensitive Midwifery Symposium is one of the largest and most prestigious midwifery and perinatal conferences in Africa, initiated in 1996 by the Sister Lilian Centre, which specialises in midwifery, pregnancy, birth and parenting education and advice.

Sensitive Midwifery Symposium aims to make a positive difference to midwifery and maternity and child care while celebrating the professions involved. It offers you a unique and innovative blend of expertise updates, advocacy of sensitive care, challenging of harmful practices, exposure to relevant complementary health fields, encouragement of professional morale, and professional inspiration.

Session details

Sofia Puente
Topic: Finding balance in your midwife and personal lives

Dr Lawrence Chauke
Topic 1: National Department of Health guidelines for maternity care

Dr Margreet Wibbelink
Topic 1: Scaling-up of clinical midwifery in public sector – 2018 research findings
Topic 2: Natural birth, the authentic midwifery way – theoretical foundation, definitions & evidence, and monitoring & evidence
Topic 3: Facilitation of delegate discussion sessions in the Antenatal Wellness and Physiological birth the midwife way workshops
Topic 4: Complicated birth, the time-honoured midwifery way with slow progress of labour, fetal distress, posterior position, and neonatal adaptation/resuscitation
Topic 5: Getting practical about shoulder dystocia & breech birth

Ian Wheeler
Topic: Comparing homeopathy to allopathy in midwifery practice

Else Vooijs
Topic 1: Anatomy, hormonal aspects, benefits of physiological birth, mobilisation during labour and birth
Topic 2: Practical techniques & tools – innovative antenatal teaching methods and video demonstrations
Topic 3: Complicated birth, the time-honoured midwifery way – setting the scene with evidence and history
Topic 4: Getting practical about shoulder dystocia & breech birth

Professor Tendani Ramukumba
Topic 1: Key traditional midwifery and indigenous knowledge messages
Topic 2: HIV/TB, circulatory system disorders and metabolic disorders research update for midwives

Sharon Marsay
Topic: Antenatal wellness workshop theoretical foundation

Sister Lilian
Topic 1: A midwife’s mind-body wellness matters
Topic 2: Postpartum haemorrhage – how midwives can prevent and manage it

Ms SA Mchunu
Keynote Address: Update on Midwifery Education

Nicole Healy
Topic: Postnatal depression – long-term effects, prevention, recognition & treatment

Dr Clifton Piek
Topic: An obstetrician’s personal story and message to midwives about birth in South Africa

Dr Tanusha Ramdin
Topic: The importance of premium Prem Unit & NICU care

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