2021 Symposium Recordings
“Lead Where You Are”

Watch filmed sessions from our virtual symposium event

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It has been an interesting couple of years, with 2020 bringing the world to a standstill. A situation that was unthinkable unfortunately happened, we had to cancel the Sensitive Midwifery Symposium. We quickly adjusted and learned to engage in the online space and our 25th Symposium became our first ever VIRTUAL Symposium in 2021. The theme of the Symposium was – Lead Where You Are. It couldn’t have been more applicable. 

Sensitive Midwifery Symposium is one of the largest and most prestigious midwifery and perinatal conferences in Africa, initiated in 1996 by the Sister Lilian Centre, which specialises in midwifery, pregnancy, birth and parenting education and advice.

Sensitive Midwifery Symposium aims to make a positive difference to midwifery and maternity and child care while celebrating the professions involved. It offers you a unique and innovative blend of expertise updates, advocacy of sensitive care, challenging of harmful practices, exposure to relevant complementary health fields, encouragement of professional morale, and professional inspiration.

Session details

Day 1 Session 1

  • Message to the midwives: Lead where you are! ~ Ms Ellence Mokaba
  • South African Nursing Council on Continuing Professional Development CPD ~ Dr. Joyce Muswede
  • Equity in midwifery – personal, professional and for all people in our care ~ Sanele Lukhele
  • Task shifting in maternity care – the changing face of scope of practice ~ Dr. Elgonda Bekker
  • The power of zinc and how it helps midwives, mothers, babies and families live a healthier way of life ~ Eric Fookes

Day 1 Session 2

  • How to become a confident, independent thinking and practising, expert Sensitive Midwife.~ Dr. Margreet Wibbelink
  • WORKSHOP:  The Simplicity-Quality-Quotient in practice
    Three indisputable ways to change birthing outcomes for the better

    • Intro ~ Sebabatso Tsaoane
    • Labour and birth environment and aids ~ Colleen Pederson
    • Pain relief ~ Nelisa Ngwenze
    • Perineal protection ~ Evashnee Naidoo
    • Expert Panel

Day 1 Session 3

  • Independent midwifery on the rise – a viable all-sector solution for South Africa ~ Christel Jordaan
  • Bereavement Doula’s leading the way in pregnancy and infant loss ~ Samala Kriedeman 
  • Equity in midwifery – personal, professional and for all people in our care
  • Baby & Child: Understanding the importance of skin-to-skin contact
  • Story of an old midwife leading the way ~ Dr. Tshidi Chokwe

Day 2 Session 1

  • How to unify and professionalise midwifery ~ Dr. Margreet Wibbelink
  • South African Nursing Council on Legal Affairs and Litigation ~ Benjamin Grobler
  • FEAR – facing and overcoming this ‘dystocia’ of maternity care ~ Dr. Mariatha Yazbek
  • Innovative collaboration in maternity care ~ Dr. Howard Manyonga

Day 2 Session 2

  • Eclampsia – the full picture ~ Prof. Mfundo Mabenge
    Time tested ways of improving the quality of ante- and postnatal care

    • Intro ~ Dr Margreet Wibbelink
    • Group antenatal and postnatal care ~ Else Vooijs
    • Mother and baby dyad ~ Hettie Grove
    • Breastfeeding ~ Lydia Monnane
    • Expert Panel

Day 2 Session 3

  • Hypnobirthing – learn the techniques ~ Michelle van der Westhuizen
  • Neonate: Implementing holistic care of the premature baby – lead the way ~ Vanessa Booysen
  • Story of a young midwife leading the way ~ Sebabatso Tsaoane
  • Respectful maternity care – do unto others … ~ Dr. Margreet Wibbelink

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