sensitive midwife plus membership

This membership option is open to any dedicated midwife or associated maternity professional who wishes to take her or his professional self-development a step further with Sensitive Midwifery, knowing that there must be evidence and research to substantiate best physiological practice, but needing support to access this easily.

benefits of membership

  • A Sensitive Midwife Plus membership account to let you feel part of the Sensitive Midwifery community.
  • Automatic subscription to Sensitive Midwifery Magazine.
  • Easy access to interesting Sensitive Midwifery blog posts to keep you inspired and updated in the developing midwifery world.
  • You’ll be first to know if there are any important or interesting Sensitive Midwifery activities in your area.
  • Direct access to a Sensitive Midwifery research roundup resource, which will be actively maintained to highlight and demystify midwifery and maternity care evidence, to help guide your practice and your interaction with colleagues who question such practice.
  • Direct access to Sensitive Midwifery’s essential physiological pregnancy, birth, postnatal, mother- and babycare specialised tips.
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