The Pegasus Maternity/Labour Kit™

Endorsed by Midwives and Doula’s, the Pegasus Maternity / Labour kit ™ is an essential kit for every pregnant woman intending a natural birth but also applicable for caesarean births. The Pegasus Maternity / Labour kit™ contains 8 Remedies and a Topical Oil, to facilitate a healthy pregnancy term, ease the labour process and enhance recovery in both natural birth and caesarean section. Alleviates * Back Pain * Breech Baby * Recuperation * Milk Production * Morning Sickness * Postnatal Depression * Mastitis * Stretch Marks


Birthing Stool

Sensitive Midwifery believes that there is new awareness among women and birth workers about the value of birthing upright and naturally, and that they would be keen to use a birth stool. Therefore, we designed a beautiful, hygienic, wooden one especially for you!