The Importance Of A Woman Befriending Her Hormones

A woman’s hormones are intimately connected to her emotional and physical well-being. Here are a few thoughts on how to live easily alongside these often maligned natural chemicals.

Hormones are chemical substances produced in organs and glands of the human body. They are conveyed to other body parts via the bloodstream and tissue fluids, so causing a wide range of natural activity to take place. The endocrine system is one of the more complex in the body and the many hormones produced interact with each other too. Men and women have the same hormones, just in differing concentrations.

Women’s cycles are very tangible and seem to set them truly apart from men, viewed superficially – puberty, the reproductive years, pregnancy, and the menopausal period may make us think that only women are affected by hormonal activity. This is of course not true, but in this supplement, we take a look at just some of the many conditions, quirks and niggles that are typically female. Our focus will at all times be on the positive though, because true health is about wellness, rather than an absence of illness!

Did you know?

  • From the earliest times environmental substances affect hormonal balance
  • The name for the iconic female hormone oestrogen, is derived from the Greek ‘oistros’, meaning mad desire and ‘gennan’, meaning to produce

9 Ways to prevent hormonal disturbances

  1. Avoid hormone medication as far as possible
  2. Breastfeed babies as long as possible
  3. Give organic produce to babies because hormone imbalance can start from very early on
  4. Choose un-medicated animal protein
  5. Minimise use of plastic packaging and avoid heating plastics
  6. Avoid petro-chemically based cosmetic products
  7. Think carefully about contraception choices as many of these are hormonal
  8. Avoid sports products with hormonal effects
  9. Choose responsible, natural remedies for female problems

Feminine EQ

A woman’s hormone profile ensures that she can readily access intuition, approach situations non-confrontationally, use tenderness as a technique and put the well-being of others ahead of her own. This ensures that she is well-endowed with wisdom, creativity and instinct. As in all facets of life, talents, attributes and skills can all be used for the good – or the not-so-good. Living out the positive influence of her hormones is what can set a woman apart, ensure she is strong, self-confident and successful. It is not about competing on equal terms with men, so much as it is about tapping into the awesome potential of femininity.

Hormones and health

The endocrine system is inextricably intertwined with the immune system. Thus the first step to health in women is to go the extra mile to ensure hormones work optimally. Once this is sorted, strengthen immunity with these tips:

  • Homeopathic remedies are very beneficial to strengthen resistance and without adverse effects.
  • Make the nutritional changes
  • Avoid or reduce mucus producing foods like dairy, grain products and highly processed fast foods.
  • Give and accept lots of extra love.
  • Ensure regular exposure to fresh air and sunshine.
  • Treat excess mucus as soon as possible with homeopathic mucus remedies.
  • If on antibiotic treatment, take a course of probiotics at the same time.