Let’s Talk About Birth Photography

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Jamie-Lee Burger, owner of New Shoot Photography, has always been drawn to babies and is fascinated with the entire process of pregnancy, birth, and the miracle of it all! She loves expressing her creativity through photography and did an online photography course in high school. When she found out that birth photography existed and was becoming a huge trend, even here in South Africa, she realised this was the career path she wanted for herself.

After capturing her nephew’s birth, she found out about the South African Birth Photographers Association (SABPA). Recognised by most hospitals, the association ensures that guidelines and expectations are adhered to; and that privacy, amicability between healthcare professionals, and discretion and professionalism are upheld.

Jamie passed her SABPA exam and became a registered birth photographer – the first in Port Elizabeth! Though lockdown has been challenging, with many hospitals not allowing additional people in the birth room, Jamie has been doing phenomenal work at home births. Now, as some hospitals in the Western Cape have welcomed birth photographers and other birth professionals, like doulas, back into their wards, Jamie is hopeful that she will be helping more families to capture these precious moments in the near future.


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