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Midwives Exclusive is a team midwifery practice in Pretoria. It was started by Heather Pieterse who originally became an independent midwife working for the Sister Lilian Centre before going it alone way back in the late 1990s. Heather states: ‘Without this opportunity, in all likelihood I would never have found the courage to go into independent midwifery. Everyone needs a step up in the right direction or a push off the edge as they grow their wings.’

She therefore did exactly the same for many other young midwives and today she has a successful practice with a wonderful team of midwives. Their core values are hard work, passion and compassion, as well as a deep belief in natural birth and a full understanding of what it really means to be a midwife – to those you serve, to yourself, and to your family.

This episode is a lovely conversation with Heather and a young midwife, Hannah Meintjies, who has joined the Midwives Exclusive team.

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