Vaccination (In Pregnancy) Yes or No? A Heart To Heart With Dr Margreet

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It feels as if COVID-19 has taken over our lives this past year, and we’re currently in the midst of the vaccine rollout. How does one navigate through this turbulent time? Well, let’s talk about it… We are all somehow shy, possibly even careful, to share our vaccine opinions on public platforms – we may be scared to be labelled, to lose face etc. But ALL of us have our question marks, we all have real fears and our concerns are real.

So let’s be real. IT IS NOT AN EASY TIME! Whether you are a healthcare worker, pregnant, breastfeeding or none of these, it is all VERY real right now!

I am not going to tell you to vaccinate or not, to be either pro or against the jab, everyone will find research and articles out there to back their opinion. In my opinion, it’s all a losing battle. It polarises society and quickly becomes a political, economical agenda etc.


Remember, we are all part of a massive experiment. We don’t know what the impact and long term consequences will be.

So what do we do?
Don’t lose your common sense
Follow your intuition / Trust the Holy Spirit
Don’t make fear-based decisions
Move in love, power and a sound mind

Let’s keep talking! Let’s have honest, open conversations. Give feedback to research initiatives if you want to help science.

Let’s stay united. LOVE over FEAR. And remember: Health is our right and responsibility!

Resources to keep a tab on research:

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