Self Regulation, Self Care and the State of Mental Health of Mothers and Midwives

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“We are all just walking each other home” – Ram Dass

For Mental Health Awareness month we spoke with Keshnie Mathi about all things mental health, self-regulation, self-awareness and loss.

Keshnie Mathi is a passionate entrepreneur who is a wife, and mother to two earth children, one heaven baby and two fur babies.

Keshnie is an internationally accredited skills development facilitator, full-spectrum doula and wellness counsellor. Her interests lie in the areas of IVF, adoption, palliative care, terminal illness, grief, loss and trauma – and she is a passionate advocate of postpartum care after perinatal and baby loss.

Keshnie has founded multiple organisations including The Wellness Specialist (TWS), the leading training provider of End of Life Doulas, Perinatal Support Guides, EOL Bereavement Facilitators and Trauma Debriefers in South Africa, and the Enduring Loss Supportive Alliance (ELSA) that offers free support groups, trauma debriefing and counselling to healthcare workers and families and individuals in need.

Keshnie believes in collaboration over competition and the power of multiple disciplinary teams. She is actively involved in creating and enabling self-care on the go for first responders including medical teams, security teams and mental health practitioners.

The Wellness Specialist (TWS)
Enduring Loss Supportive Alliance (ELSA)