CORD BLOOD – Why it Should Never Go to Waste

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How much do you know about Cord Blood? Why is Cord Blood so important? The stem cells in Baby’s Cord Blood are incredibly valuable and can be used to help treat over 80 blood-related diseases and are an alternative source of stem cells for a stem cell transplant. Education around Cord Blood however is sparse. Companies such as Next Biosciences preserve stem cells after the birth of your baby for potential future use.

In this episode, we chatted with Dr Yvonne Holt, the Chief Medical Officer at Next Biosciences. Yvonne holds an MBBCH (Wits), a Diploma in Pediatrics (Wits), and a Diploma in Transfusion Medicine and Medical Genetics (UCT). She loves the cutting-edge technology the company is involved with and describes their tech as “the best that the world can offer. What a privilege to bring this to Africa!”

A remarkable highlight of Yvonne’s tenure at Next Biosciences has been the start-up and development of our genetic testing laboratory. “It gives the South African public access to local testing, rather than having it done overseas,” she explains. The organization’s future excites her: “I am looking forward to developing our amniotic membrane into a wound care product for non-healing ulcers.” Yvonne is also very enthusiastic about implementing some exciting new products and services for Next Bioscience’s. “My dream has always been to grow Next Biosciences into a prolific South African biotech company that offers a world-class service to our people and those of the entire continent,” she adds.