Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond – Why It Is Such A Great Complementary Remedy

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Ian Wheeler is a Homeopathic Pharmacist and founder of the well-known Pegasus Homeopathics range. He grew his own group of retail pharmacies over 33 years, but was always intuitively drawn to natural medicine. Ian expanded all his pharmacies to incorporate a health section until in 1994, he completed a three-year Classical Homeopathy course which culminated in him formulating the Pegasus range of homeopathic remedies. He recently sold this pharmacy in order to fully focus on his passion for natural medicine, in particular homeopathy. Ian travels the country teaching pharmacist colleagues, as well as introducing it to Pharmacy students. He also liaises with and teaches nursing sisters, midwives and doulas, because he finds that the field of homeopathy is of particular value to treat and help their pregnant and breastfeeding clients, and newborn infants. Last but not least, Ian launched the Pegasus Pet range at the end of 2017, believing as he does that homeopathy is for every member of the family!

The medical and pharmaceutical disciplines have had a definite influence on a pregnant woman’s perception that she needs help over and above what her mind and body are innately capable of. This translates into medical practitioners and their patients buying somewhat too eagerly into the idea that almost all pregnant and birthing women will need some form of intervention or medication over the course of pregnancy, birth and/or the postnatal period.

Although the consensus is that as little medication as possible should be taken during pregnancy, over-supplementation, progesterone, antibiotics, antifungals and mild painkillers are often prescribed in pregnancy. A ‘fear-induced’ oxytocin induction is common despite potentially significant adverse effects. Medical labour pain relief, anti-emetics and postnatal anti-depressants add to the pharmaceutical risks, which should be carefully weighed up before use.

Instead, women should be empowered and educated, to reinforce their innate ability to bear children naturally. Both allopathic/pharmaceutical practitioners and medications, as well as holistic healers using natural remedies (both herbal and homeopathic) have a role to play in emergency

Pregnancy considerations
Unlike homeopathic remedies, herbal products can cause a build-up and need to be used cautiously. This is especially true in pregnancy and lactation, and with small children. Before using any medication during pregnancy, it’s usually a good idea to contact the manufacturing company for more specific information. Keep in mind that:

  • Some vitamin and mineral supplements aren’t suitable for use during pregnancy
  • Topical products applied to the skin can cause allergies, so check on a small patch of skin first
  • Most herbal or aromatherapeutic cream, lotion, and oil products contain very diluted quantities and are not dangerous in pregnancy and with little ones, although you should always check
  • Some herbal products can be used safely for small children and during pregnancy, just make sure you get advice from an expert in the field
  • There are usually safe homeopathic alternatives for use with babies and during pregnancy
  • It’s vital to stick to dosage instructions and only use herbal products for limited periods before taking a break

Homeopathic solutions
Homeopathy is a safe and effective complementary modality throughout pregnancy and perinatal care. Homeopathy brings homeostasis to the mind and body, leading to balance and optimal functionality. Remedies will only initiate an appropriate healing response as needed, without side effects, and are directed at healing the cause of problems, not only symptoms!

While serious pregnancy and labour conditions can be treated with homeopathy, they require the training and experience of a classical homeopath, and the insight to know when to refer the woman for obstetric intervention. However, many homeopathic remedies can be used in clinical practice.

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