Pre- and Postnatal Exercise with Lisa from Inspired Movements

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In this episode, Dr Margreet Wibbelink talks with Lisa Came, a passionate Pilates Instructor and mom of two, about Pre- and Postnatal Exercise.

We all know the importance of movement and exercise for our health and wellbeing, but most of the time we are not too sure what that looks like when you are pregnant or have given birth. She explains how you can continue or start movement in this precious time of your life and what adaptations you need to do in order to exercise in a safe manner.

We partnered with Lisa and developed a Pre- and Postnatal Pilates Course.
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Lisa completed her STOTT Pilates certification in 2014, thereafter completing other courses, such as a personal training and Yoga certification and moved onto specialised workshops including the STOTT pre- and post-natal Pilates workshops. She founded her studio, Inspired Movement, in 2018, having instructed small groups from home studios prior to that. Since the studio opening she has taught many moms-to-be, creating a safe and comfortable exercise space, as well as a place where new moms and moms-to-be can ask questions, share stories and get to know one another.

Having had two babies as a Pilates instructor, she has traveled the road of exercising while pregnant and prides herself in safe, effective and appropriate movements for mom and baby. Lisa now hopes to grow and develop her online studio to offer expectant moms a space to exercise in their own time through videos on demand as well as live online classes and interactive workshops.

You can find out more about Lisa
Facebook & Instagram: @inspiredmovementsa

In order to put theory to practise, we partnered with Lisa and developed an online Pre and Post Natal Exercise Course that you can share with any pregnant mom. The course is sponsored by Zinplex and therefore available for FREE for the next 6 months – Thank you House of Zinplex! The moms in your care can register here..