Claiming your Birth Rights – Words of Wisdom for Pregnant Mothers

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Marelise Snijders, wife and mother of four beautiful teenagers, shares her pearls of wisdom. Her story is about miracle babies, empowered natural births and claiming your own birth rights.

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She shares how she went through her first birth, with the support of her husband, midwife and doula:

“Just everything is beautiful about giving birth. I suppose going through the whole process, it’s like comparing a drive-through versus a five course meal. Obviously, it’s painful, obviously it’s uncomfortable, but the whole process is so beautiful and your body is made to do this. You’ve got the endorphins, you’ve got the hormones, you’ve got everything you need.

I went into it like running a marathon, I knew I wanted to do it. Maybe it’ll take longer, maybe shorter. Maybe you fall or something happens, but you know that it’s a journey and if your mindset is right, it also helps you to prepare. Yes, I had to argue with some nurses, even at the hospital to say, “No, I don’t want your wheelchair. I’m not sick. I don’t want the lift. I can do the steps. I need to be walking.”

Sometimes you may need to fight the system. You have to be prepared and empowered to know that you are allowed to do this, because that’s the one time that you are in control of your body.

It’s the most beautiful marathon and it feels as if the system is actually stealing the moment of being able to go through the marathon away from moms. The best part of a marathon is finishing. The finishing line, with that little baby in your arms, that is the best prize there is! That’s my story. Everyone’s story is different, but I would really encourage women to just try.”

This episode will give you all the encouragement and confidence you need to give natural birth a try! Even if the system is against you, you have the right to stand up and claim your birth rights. Find the right birthing professionals that can be your team around you to help you achieve your natural birth.