Birthing With A Midwife – Bringing It Back To Our Communities

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In this episode Lindo Tshabalala talks about how she is bringing Midwifery back to her Community. Lindo is a young, dynamic Independent Midwife from Soweto. She shares about her journey as a young midwife and has a powerful message for both women and birth workers.

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Lindo followed her dream and founded Blooming in Grace Clinic, where she created a safe space that is really user-friendly towards healthy pregnant women and mothers. In an environment where junk food and chronic ailments thrive, Lindo saw the need to empower women to be healthy in order to have the best pregnancy and birth outcomes.

It has been quite a journey to get to where she is today. She had to expose and develop herself first in order to learn and bring it back to her community and she continues to do that.

Instrumental in her journey was doing the Sensitive Midwife Course and Lindo is now a Certified Sensitive Midwife.

Lindo’s message to Mothers (to be): ‘if you stick to how God created it to be and for Mother Nature to unfold, most of the things that we are so scared of actually are not really needed’. And to all midwives: ‘Guys, (midwives) we just really need to bring it back’.

You can find Lindo @Bloomingrace_clnic on Instagram and Facebook