About Sister Lilian Paramor

Lilian Paramor (known as Sister Lilian) holds a B.Nursing degree from the University of Stellenbosch (1978) and is a qualified and registered SANC nurse and midwife (1980). She is also a qualified reflexologist and natural health practitioner. Sister Lilian has close to 40 years of health professional experience, and is South Africa’s leading pregnancy and parenting advisor. She is well-known in both the maternity professional world as well as amongst the parenting community in South Africa and beyond. Her trademarks are her compassion, credibility and innovation ability, showcased by her longstanding approach of ‘first do no harm’ and her work slogans ‘with nature, knowledge and experience’ and ‘advice you can trust’. Sister Lilian has had six pregnancy and parenting books published in South Africa, edited and adapted a Canadian parenting book for the South African market and contributed to a renowned Juta handbook for midwives. She has also written and published numerous topic-specific booklets for midwives and parents, on subjects like breastfeeding, nutrition, birth, and sleep. Sister Lilian’s has also been a popular radio and TV presenter and often contributes to parenting magazines. She started in private practice in Pretoria in 1988; this morphed into the Sister Lilian Centre® in 1994, which also runs one of the most renowned midwifery conferences in the southern hemisphere, called Sensitive Midwifery Symposium, and publishes Sensitive Midwifery Magazine for professionals, as well as an online pregnancy, birth and parenting magazine called eBaby.

Repairing C-section And Premature Birth Harm


Repairing C-section And Premature Birth Harm Notwithstanding the fact that facing up to the many adaptation dilemmas for babies (and their mothers) in the aftermath of C-section and prematurity is important – hence this blog – prevention of both remains the most important strategy for minimising or eradicating the harm left in [...]

Weighty Matters


Weighty Matters Most would agree that good nutrition is a core requirement for good health and well-being, and an ideal weight profile. There are a number of nutritional guidelines that can make a positive difference in everyone’s lives, whether overweight or not. As health professionals, midwives themselves should [...]

What Midwives And Nurses Need To Know About Baby Skincare


What Midwives And Nurses Need To Know About Baby Skincare A newborn’s lipid barrier is essential to the skin’s surface ecosystem, and should not be removed when cleaning Baby. Current guidelines for neonatal skincare make it clear that midwives and nurses, who are often those who give mothers [...]

Give Solutions To Infant ‘Sleep Problems’ – Don’t Create Them!


Give Solutions To Infant ‘Sleep Problems’ – Don’t Create Them! Are you, the midwife, nurse or doctor, giving parents sleepless nights? Dealing with sleep queries can be tricky because tired parents can feel quite emotional and the wrong advice can have long-term effects for moms and babies. Here [...]

3 Things Midwives And Obstetricians Should Know About C-Section


3 Things Midwives And Obstetricians Should Know About C-Section 1. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that the maximum C-section rate should be 10–15%, regardless of a country’s economic or health profile. This has been a number of obstetric societies’ policy guideline for many years; yet some countries [...]